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Transport services at the highest level

We offer our clients logistics solutions in the TSL industry at home and abroad. We give priority to the good of the clients and their satisfaction, which results in the introduction of optimal solutions that are tailor-made to their specific needs.

We operate on the principles of “fair play”, “in time” in full agreement with our partners. We provide 24/7 availability.

Our services are mainly provided in Western Europe, the main markets are Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and, of course, Poland.

The pillar of the company’s activity is the German market – cooperation, exchange with our close neighbor, experience and new contacts make us an increasingly stronger and trustworthy partner in a demanding market.

The scope of our activity includes groupage, full truck load and dedicated express transport.

Express / FastBus – Fast delivery up to 1 t, 3 ep … Fast, mobile transport of the country at the customer’s request, up to 1 t, 2 ep “door to door” – “door-to-door”

Martruck Fleet

Volumetric transport is our main direction of development

Volume transport is our main direction of development.

We have a fleet of spatial sets with a capacity of up to 120 m3 – dimensions of 7.7m x 2.5m x3.05m + 7.7m x 2.5m x 3.05m /. 38 ep. capacity from 5 t to 24 t.

All cars have approvals and xl code certificate (DIN EN12462 ..Code xl”) in order to further protect the goods of our Customers.

In order to improve the client’s uploading conditions, the cars have sliding side curtains and a roof – this makes it possible to load from the back, side or top.

The trucks are equipped with modern telematics and GPS systems for constant communication, quick resolution and avoiding problems during transport.

Space Sets 7,7 x2,5 x3,05+7,7 x2,5 x3,05 – from 5 to 24 t, xl code.

Rapid Bus Poland

Fast, mobile transport around the country at the customer's request

Our offer also includes a fleet of delivery vehicles thanks to which we are able to deliver smaller quantities of goods immediately.

Fast delivery up to 1t, 2 ep – “door to door” offer.


A trusted partner

ISO 28000 Certification

confirms that the company reduces the risk of threats and will respond effectively in case of problems (e.g. attempted theft or fraud, accident, failure)

enforces supervision over the entire supply chain and not just inside your own company

facilitates acquiring customers who appreciate the guarantee of the safety of transported goods

Unlike other standards, ISO 28000 focuses on the problems and threats of the transport industry

Why us?

Our values

Our goal is to be a key partner in integrated logistics in Europe thanks to the highest quality services







You can trust us

At the beginning of 2016, we appear in the difficult TSL industry. The set goal, knowledge and gained experience allowed us to be at the stage of continuous development and strengthen our market position with each subsequent year. Following the set strategy, consistency in pursuing the goal, the trust of our clients allows us to compete on the markets of the entire European Union.

We strive for excellence, providing fast, efficient and above all trusted and secure service to our clients.

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