ISO28000 Supply chain security management system

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The ultimate goal of the supply chain security management system, according to ISO 28000, is to ensure an appropriate level of security, through the implementation and maintenance of safeguards by each participant within the chain so as to ensure its overall security.
The strength of the chain is in the weakest link.
From the very beginning of our activity in the TSL industry, we have been placing great emphasis on security issues in the supply chain. Frequent training as well as obtaining the ISO2800 certification is the best proof.
Carrying out our activities, transport safety is a priority for us.


Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle

We are pleased to announce that as a result of hard work, implementation of improvements, elimination of threats, we were able to obtain the ISO28000 certificate issued by United Registrar of Systems accredited by DAkkS (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle)

-DAkkS is an accrediting body in Germany. which approves the URS certificate as an accredited subject for ISO 50001 or ISO28000. The designated legal entity for the ISO 28000 standard is United Registrar of Systems GmbH, Freiberger Str. 39, 01067 Dresden, Germany, regarding the accreditation of DAkkS systems

Our company has successfully passed the accreditation process for the ISO 28000 standard. The accreditation of the German accreditation body DAkkS confirms the competence in the assessment and certification of security systems in the supply chain.

Management in accordance with ISO28000 increases reliability and security throughout the entire supply chain of our customers. By complying with standards, our customers’ valuable goods can be transported safely.

A trusted partner

ISO 28000 Certification

confirms that the company reduces the risk of threats and will respond effectively in case of problems (e.g. attempted theft or fraud, accident, failure)

enforces supervision over the entire supply chain and not just inside your own company

facilitates acquiring customers who appreciate the guarantee of the safety of transported goods

Unlike other standards, ISO 28000 focuses on the problems and threats of the transport industry

You can trust us

At the beginning of 2016, we appear in the difficult TSL industry. The set goal, knowledge and gained experience allowed us to be at the stage of continuous development and strengthen our market position with each subsequent year. Following the set strategy, consistency in pursuing the goal, the trust of our clients allows us to compete on the markets of the entire European Union.

We strive for excellence, providing fast, efficient and above all trusted and secure service to our clients.

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