Information technology

Increasing transport efficiency

Transport telematics makes it possible to influence the course of mobility processes in order to increase transport efficiency, improve safety, reduce environmental impact and enhance planning.

Modern telematics solutions introduced in our company give much more than only the possibility of comprehensive vehicle management.

Its implementation improves the driver’s safety, reduces fuel consumption and environmental pollution as well as truck depreciation. It allows one to organize work – routes according to the previously assumed plan.

We use the right tools to manage the entire fleet and support transport processes, thanks to which we become more competitive on the market.

Each set is equipped with a GPS / WEB EYE system that monitors not only the position but also the technical condition of the vehicle, and transmits real-time information from the truck’s on-board computer.

The use of appropriate applications and tools allows you to connect with the driver in the cabin and take actions together with us to optimize the route

All our cars are equipped with telematics applications, WebEye Driving style ;; Allowing to avoid mistakes and improve the driver’s ride, which results in a decrease in fuel consumption, lower car shock absorption and environmental protection.


What are the benefits of using modern information technologies?

We care about ecology

We attach particular importance to the responsible handling of natural resources.

Better efficiency

We can arrange and provides with the comprehensive service in the sphere.


Our staff has almost 15 years of experience in the transport industry

Better planning

We use modern technologies such as telemeters and WebEye

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