Environmental Protection


All our cars meet the highest ecological standard

Eco-friendliness is essential in the view of amendments to the law.

Smog in the air, containing a huge amount of tar, worsens the health of people, especially those living in large cities. Modern trucks are an opportunity for the development of clean and efficient transport.

All our trucks meet the highest ecological standard – Euro 6.

ABlue, an ecological fuel additive, contributes to reducing the harmful impact of exhaust emissions on the environment.

We focus on ecology - NO SMOG!

You can trust us

At the beginning of 2016, we appear in the difficult TSL industry. The set goal, knowledge and gained experience allowed us to be at the stage of continuous development and strengthen our market position with each subsequent year. Following the set strategy, consistency in pursuing the goal, the trust of our clients allows us to compete on the markets of the entire European Union.

We strive for excellence, providing fast, efficient and above all trusted and secure service to our clients.

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