Cooperation on the German market

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The pillar of the company's activity is the German market

cooperation, exchange with our close neighbor, experience and new contacts make us an increasingly stronger and trustworthy partner in a demanding market.

We are proud that we could and we can participate in the development of our neighborly economic cooperation. As a participant of the TSL industry, we have been involved in the development and economic exchange between our countries for several years.

Due to the direct neighborhood as well as the large number of German entities operating at the Vistula, and thus the volume of trade between our countries, cooperation between our German contractors is at a high level for both sides.

You can trust us

At the beginning of 2016, we appear in the difficult TSL industry. The set goal, knowledge and gained experience allowed us to be at the stage of continuous development and strengthen our market position with each subsequent year. Following the set strategy, consistency in pursuing the goal, the trust of our clients allows us to compete on the markets of the entire European Union.

We strive for excellence, providing fast, efficient and above all trusted and secure service to our clients.

I invite you to cooperation