We create your logistic

We offer our clients logistics solutions in the TSL industry at home and abroad. We give priority to the good of the clients and their satisfaction, which results in the introduction of optimal solutions that are tailor-made to their specific needs.


International Transport

We provide services in Western Europe, our main markets are – Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland


Certified and trusted partner

We have a certificate of professional competence in International and National Road Transport and a License to perform transport services.

We’ve also implemented ISO28000 certification.

International transport

Transport services at the highest level

Martruck was established in 2016 as a result of a fusion of passion, experience and knowledge. We
want to shape a bright future for transport and logistics.

A modern fleet

We are progressively investing in the latest, ecological transport solutions. We pay great attention to the safety of both goods and our drivers.

Comprehensive service

We always strive to meet the requirements of our Customers, Employees and Partners – this is the
essence of work for us.

Certified partner

We have implemented the ISO 28000 Certificate – the goal is to improve the security of supply chains,
especially in the area of goods transport.

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Our values

Why choose us?

Our goal is to be a key partner in integrated logistics across Europe and to offer the highest quality

Balanced Valuation

The most important factors in the valuation of transport services are the distance to be covered, the
weight of the cargo and the transport time – exactly how long it will take to get the goods to the
place of destination

We care about ecology

We attach particular importance to the responsible handling of natural resources

Experienced staff

Our staff has almost 15 years of experience in the transport industry.

Safety of goods

We use modern technologies such as telemeters and WebEye Drivingstyle

Every day we work to gain the trust of our customers. Contact
Rapid Bus Poland

Fast, mobile transport across the country on request

Our offer also includes a fleet of delivery vehicles thanks to which we are able to deliver smaller quantities of goods immediately.

Fast delivery up to 1t, 2 ep – “door to door” offer.


You can trust us

At the beginning of 2016, we appear in the difficult TSL industry. The set goal, knowledge and gained experience allowed us to be at the stage of continuous development and strengthen our market position with each subsequent year. Following the set strategy, consistency in pursuing the goal, the trust of our clients allows us to compete on the markets of the entire European Union.

We strive for excellence, providing fast, efficient and above all trusted and secure service to our clients.

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